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Frequently Asked Questions

We have locations both on on the East and West Coasts where we offer classes suited for all skill levels--whether you're an old pro looking to jump back in or completely new to vaulting, looking to learn the basics, we've got a class for you. 


Are Poles provided during practice or will I have to rent a pole for the season?

Poles are provided for all of our athletes during our practices. We offer pole rentals for those who need poles outside of the gym. 

I want to rent a pole outside of Vertical Assault. How does it work?


Where can I register for drop ins?

You can visit our "drop in info" tab to book future drop ins. Make sure to select the location you would like to visit to see available dates and times. To pay for past drop ins, you can visit either our "East Coast Gym" or "West Coast Gym" page to select the drop in package listed there to make your payment. 

I'm going to miss practice, what do I do?

Email us to let us know as soon as you can to give us notice of your absence. Our classes fill up quickly; to give everyone the opportunity to vault with us, your timely heads up allows everyone the chance.  

What is your make up policy?


Can my coach come with me to meets?


Can I wear my spikes to practice?


What type of training should I be doing when not at vault practice?


What belongs in a track bag?


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